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Five minutes ago is yesterday’s news.  In today’s world keeping ahead of the digital marketing world is more challenging than ever before.

Here at ViralNewt we are always ahead of “the curve”.  We are learning and testing what’s working now and are happy to share that with you.

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Just because it’s a “split-second” society that doesn’t mean you should abandon the old marketing “tried and true” methods.

Sure, you have to tweak some of these “oldies”, but we are here to tell you that when done correctly, old -school and new-school  can work in perfect harmony making your business soar to levels you only have dreamed of. 

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How do we use social media?  See the graph to the right to understand where we put our emphasis on our social media presence.


Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Social Media Strategy

Every business is created differently and has unique goals when it comes to their social media presence.  

Many companies need social media to reach their customers and keep them up to date of their current products and services.

Other companies use social media as a point of contact or a way for their customers to reach them with questions. 

ViralNewt will explain both strategies  to help you decide which is best for you.

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